Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Had a good tidy up, but there is still way too much paper to deal with. How does it build up so quickly regardless of how hard you try not to bring anything home?

It was the last day of Arab Health, so there was more traffic on the road than normal. We got to Awana just in time! The kids seem to be settling down now. They need constant reminding to behave well though!

I left the room to check out the hotel get a blip after I did my stint of playing the guitar for them. It has an atrium which is used well. The green feature in the front is a feature. There is a majlis but no Arabic coffee and dates on offer!

Church/Awana is held in the ballroom and right outside the doors which takes you into the area where Geraldine's group meet, are these gorgeous mirrors. I hope they're not placed there for the ladies to make sure they are looking their best! As it was quiet, I grabbed the opportunity to get a selfie (see extra).

We stopped at the beach to drink a cup of spiced tea each. A cool breeze prevented us from hanging about. Time to switch off now. It's the weekend tomorrow and the first month of 2019 is already over!

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