Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Flower Friday: Roadside landscaping

Last day of the month...  and what a day... We've spent much of the afternoon/evening watching BBC World coverage of the last few hours of Britain in the EU. It will be 3am here when the clock strikes 11pm in the UK, so I won't be up.

We made it to church and I had to get a picture of the view from the room. It's fantastic! The pink flowers really make it.

A small band of us (mainly Awana colleagues) walked over to the food court and we tried Pizza Hut's Super Limo pizza. It made us laugh quite a lot. Amazingly, there wasn't that much of it which got packed into a doggy bag. We chatted lots and didn't get home until nearly 5.

A much needed relaxed rest-of-the-day. I have got myself ready for next week, as we are out nearly all day tomorrow!

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