Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

GLS 2020

Wow. I survived a full day of listening to seven different leadership speakers on only four hours of sleep. I have to admit I was flaking towards the end. I missed quite a bit of Bear Grylls talk!

So today, G & I attended GLS (Dubai) 2020 along with a couple of hundred other people. An ex-colleague found out about the event, booked herself on and invited two of her friends. We all arrived before 7:30, quite a while before the actual start time. It gave a chance to chat and get ready for the day.

I have to say I didn't really want to attend this; it was G's idea to go. I'm glad we went. The speakers were excellent and had a more useful helpful message to deliver. Jia Jiang's talk on How to Deal with Rejection really had us listening to every word! Jack Dorsey and Danielle Strickland were the other two speakers that caught our full attention.

We came home via Open Beach where we introduced Farzan to the area and McDonald's coffee and doughnut deal! As with many of these "church" events, we got to say "hello" to some people we haven't seen for years! It's good to be remembered I guess.

And lastly, our cleaner is definitely back and raring to go. The flat will shine tomorrow!

Second month of the year already!

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