Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Open Beach

Guess what the real subject of this image is? (Hint: It's not the joggers)

I woke this morning, first to a cup of tea brought to me :))) Then to a WhatsApp message from SweetArt in our Date Buddies group. It is 1.2.21 today! In Braille, that would be ABBA. Just saying.

Back to the day. The sun wasn't even up when my cup of tea arrived, so I suggested to G that she take herself to where she was going today. However, when it got brighter, I saw clouds in the sky. This doesn't happen often, so it was a day to be out, so I ended up driving G to her meeting point.

She had a trip out with her senior's group to an Italian Cheese Factory in Ajman Free Zone. That was followed by lunch at an Italian restaurant. I went to collect her around 3 pm and she came home with a large box of Italian cheese! Amazing.

The fridge had to be rearranged to accommodate 5 kgs of cheese. I had a Zoom chat with my sister and the later, we chatted with friends in a residential home near Hindhead. We haven't seen them or spoken since August 2019 when we were there last, so it was great to see them and catch up. Barbara is over 80 and is keen to get to grips with this new technology as it is a window to the world for them, not just for chats with friends and family, but also to get to church services. I wish I was there to help them with a few things though.

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