An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Scotch Mist...

It was a stunning day weather wise today.  Icy cold and a hard frost that lasted all day but with bright blue skies and sunshine.  Well there was sunshine as long as you were on higher ground as the valleys looked like a scene from Brigadoon.

Having now booked a holiday to Stornoway, David and I were on a mission to find a book about the Outer Hebrides.  We could have clicked onto Amazon and had one winging its way to us in the next post, but where's the fun in that when book hunting can be combined with lunch out?

I assumed we would go to one of our usual haunts but as it was such a lovely day, David thought we should try somewhere new and go for a drive. No argument from me, and by the time we set off he had a place in mind that he'd found on the Dog Friendly Perthshire website (we didn't have Lola with us.  Thought we better suss the place out first) called the Pitcairngreen Inn.

When we got there, our first thought was it looks like the kind of place you would drive right past as it had that local vibe that makes you think all heads will turn to stare at you as you walk in as though as outsider sign is flashing above your head with big arrows pointing directly at you! 

But stop we did and in we went and I am so glad we did.  

The reality of the place could not be further from our first impression.  We received a very warm welcome as we went through the bar to the tiny lounge (only 10 tables) to a welcoming open fire and table free in the bay window.  

Although our fellow diners all seemed to be tucking into steak pie or macaroni cheese, we opted for the lighter option of soup and a sandwich.  OMG!  It was sensational!  (photos in extras) Everything is freshly made using local produce and the portions are enormous!  The home made leek and potato soup was so thick my spoon stayed upright in it and for once I didn't spill any on my boobs lap protectors!  

The sandwich was accompanied with vegetable crisps (I am sure they were home made too) and a delicious side salad.  We enjoyed every single mouthful and it was clear from the comments made by our fellow diners, that they did too.  Sadly were so full afterwards we didn't have space for coffee and one of the delicious sounding desserts on offer.  

What a find.  We will definitely be back.

We left and went for a run in the car but not too far as we wanted to get back for Lola (even though she'd been up on the moor with R while were were gone and would be sound asleep in her bed.)

We stopped off on our way back at Gloagburn and found a lovely book on the Hebrides.  Exactly what we were looking for.  Of course by then we had space for coffee so we stopped long enough to have that and maybe a scone before heading home.  Would be rude not to ;-)

I have spent the entire evening editing the photos I took today, which has been a frustrating task as after a period of behaving itself, my laptop has decide to take the p*ss out of me go on a go-slow again.  

I am counting to 10...

PS I was delghted to be told this morning that I'd received a heart in this weeks mono Monday challenge.  Thank  ou so much Jenny.  :-)))

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