An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Cheerio January...

It's the last day of January at last.

When my alarm went off at 7.30 this morning I thought I had slept in as the light creeping though the blinds was much brighter than usual.  When I peeked out it was snowing lightly and that my have helped brighten things, but there was definitely a difference in the light level.  Woo hoo.

I was supposed to be having lunch with Janice and Fiona but at 10.30 Janice phoned to say the snow was piling down at hers (she lives in a very rural spot in the middle of a glen) and she was worried she might not get out and if she did, not get back in again, so we agreed to postpone our get together. 

With unexpected free time on my hands, I spent it wisely and got lots of things done.  Hahahahaha....that's a complete lie!  We had lunch, David went to the driving range and took Lola so he could take her out for her walk straight after, and I got my camera out and had a play with my light box.  Completely unsuccessfully I have to say.  Very frustrating.  I need to go re-visit the photography course and try and work out where I am going wrong.

That said, out of all the rubbish shots I do like the one I've blipped because the petals make me think of whirling skirts.   I prefer the colour version as it bring a bit of sunshine on this last day of January, but David preferred the b&w version so I've gone with that.

As I type, Alan is trialling his new comfy chair.  I thought it might not provide enough trunk support for him but so far it's looking good.  The test will come in little while as he's about to watch a fave TV programme that has him jumping about with excitement.  That till be the true test! :-))

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