An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Beach Body Ready...

David had a dental appointment in St Andrews this afternoon so he took Lola with him so they could have a runabout on the beach afterwards.  This was Lola's first proper visit to a beach (she had a short introduction at Broughty Ferry a few weeks ago) and she loved it.

She wasn't quite brave enough to go right into the water but loved chasing the waves and retreating from them.  She also loved digging, digging and digging some more!

I stayed at home and took the opportunity to get a load of ironing done.  As I type, my halo is shining :-))

I mentioned yesterday that Alan was trying out a new comfy chair.  Well I am delighted to report it was a great success.  It survived his jumping around and excitement at his favourite tv programme and he wanted to sit in it all night. 

I went through to have a chat with him before he went to bed to ask him about it and got a definite YES response when I asked him if he would like to have a chair like this to sit in all the time at home.  I am so happy we've found something that gives him comfort.  A real chill-out, tv-watching, music-listening-to chair!  It will no doubt be blipped at some point.  :-))

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