By Teasel


Had trouble getting BB to get going this morning, he was tired!  Once he was out, I set off for the train, only to get stuck in a tailback.  Amazingly I made it to the station with a couple of minutes to spare, only to find that my train had been cancelled.  Aaaaagggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to sit in the car and wait until the next one  - which thankfully did turn up, but was then running late.  By the time I got to work, I felt like I was almost ready to head home.  Work was busy, however we got some good news, so the work I have spent all week doing is no longer needed – well not at the moment anyway.  Although it was quite a bit of work, I am glad that things have moved on in a positive direction.  It will not doubt be required  at a time in the future.

I was glad to leave for the day/week and to head home.  My train was late, which meant it was a real rush to get BB out to football.  I met up with my friend S and we went for a walk in the dark, and had a good catch up  - as we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks.

It was then home to bake for BB!  Quite late on I realised I had no blip, so here is an uninspired emergency blip of the cake -  lemon cake in case you are interested.  I will ice it in the morning.

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