By Teasel

Number 58

I had to get BB out to school this morning, thankfully it all went quite smoothly.  He was taking part in the local schools cross country run this morning and was quite excited about it.  I did have to persuade him to put a pair of trackie bottoms on over his shorts – as it was very cold, and also suggested that a coat and gloves would be a good idea, as there would be a lot of hanging about between races.  He thanked me later!  I made the train and got into work at a reasonable time.  My day was full and busy, with barely time to  eat my lunch.  Home time came round quite quickly.

When I asked BB how his run had gone, he said he loved it. For a boy who doesn’t run, but thinks he would like to run (and he can run fast), he did very well, especially as there were a good few kids who do a lot of running. He said he loved the course and running in the cold and sunshine, and he was pleased that he didn’t stop.  We’ll have to try and get him out again – though he always turns done my invitations to run!

He was number 58.

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