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Gig ...

It's not much of a photo, but it's the best I could do as one of the performers in a gig in Dunoon's Burgh Hall this evening: one of these music stands belongs to me, and my black water bottle is sitting discreetly under my chair as we mingle with the audience at the interval. It's probably a feature of small-town life that has a choral group of 10 women, ages ranging from late 30s to early 70s, sharing the bill with four teenaged solo performers, one with bright blue hair, to raise money for a school-organised trip to Costa Rica - for that, Best Beloved, is what I was doing.

The hall is a bit of a miracle, having been totally refurbished in recent years after lying derelict for decades. New interior wall panelling has hugely improved the acoustic, and the stage lighting made for the brightest light I've ever sung in. You can read about it here. The concert raised about £500, and we had a blast. Literally - we ended with our Mamma Mia set, which was cheered - cheered!

And now I think I'm going to eat Christmas cake (still got a corner left) and catch up on Scotland's triumph at Murrayfield this afternoon ...

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