Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Bolt, for 2

It’s only fair to record Nik’s brother Oskar (the Bolt) and this 2 points for his middle school team this morning.  Thank goodness, I barely got one.,... good game.

The big event of the day was the last time on the Alaska Way Viaduct to see the great view we’ve all enjoyed forever (built in 1953) and replaced by a multi year project building the tunnel under it.  all about 2 miles along the Seattle waterfront, viewed as a barrier, and also an earthquake hazard,.   The new tunnel opens to the public monday morning so this was a goodby to the the viaduct with many (100k?)thousands of people walking it before it gets dismantled. Lots went thru the new tunnel too but we just walked the viaduct.   So I've put the photo in my other journal (just picked one that you could appreciate the city to the left…(we’re walking from north to south) , Puget sound on the right and the mobs of people on the viaduct, if you look large,.   HERE  We'll miss this way home from the airport and points south.    It was a spectacular visual entry to the city. Progress......

the Oakland reunion flickr set

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