Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

97 ft. UP

From the city mob yesterday to the island solitude today.   I started to get nervous as we drove north to Bellingham this morning where it was 27F and blowing and SNOWING!  Eek.  We thought we’d beat this predicted storm.  But it got warmer and then after a few flurries at the ferry terminal, the sun came out and it was only a breeze on the way to our bit of heaven.  Lucked out again. :-)    AND….the internet works for the first time since late November.   The internet guy was over here last week with a tree climber (not easy to get here) to diagnose the problem.  He determined it was this cable so it was replaced….We will have to deal with burying the part on the ground, which is a mess, and taking up the slack inside but heck, I’m happy it works!  For a big test, I’ve uploaded 60+  photos from yesterday's walk to a Goodbye Viaduct flickr album , not that they are all wonderful shots, but they will be historical and recorded,  And now that we’re all tucked in and the fire has warmed us a little, it’s starting to really blow out there.   The hummingbird was on the line to that tree too, waiting for me to fill it’s feeder.   I think this is going to be a week of tree blips.  Happy

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