I left early this morning to go looking for some deer antlers. Still far too much snow in the woods to make that remotely possible.  On a positive note, I saw the bucks again and only one still has his on!  All the rest have been shed...I am so hopeful as they are still in the same area.

I did a complete walk around and saw a Red Tailed Hawk flying over the meadow playing hide and  seek with me, I think  ; )  Then when I came out to the road, an older couple with walking up it and the man had his long lens poised as if he was taking photos.  Did not take me long to spot what they were seeing...Mr Barred Owl.

Silly people kept walking trying to get as close to him as possible. Next thing I knew, the owl was flushed and came down the road towards me.  I am so glad I had it set to continuous so I was able to pivot to get him in flight as he flew right by me...literally too close for my 70 - 300 mm lens to get him in focus.  The one of the approach to me is blurry but such a cool shot as it is highlit from the snowy road.

He sat on his post and continued to hunt but the couple decided to follow him AGAIN.  When they walked past me, I casually said, he needs to rest and hunt now. If you just stay quiet right here you may get lucky and see him get a field mouse.  Nope....they continued approaching him anyway, causing him to be flushed AGAIN. 

When he landed in an evergreen close by and I saw that they were once again going to follow to get closer, I said, "Please leave  him alone now.  Show me some of the beautiful photos you got of him."  The man quite proudly showed me the close up shots he got with his gazillion mm lens so I complimented him and told him that there was no need to get any more as it is still the same owl.  When the man shrugged and started turning away, I said, "Did you know that owls need to conserve their energy to hunt?  Otherwise, they could die.  So every time you cause him to fly, you risk killing him."


"Yep.  Really.  Have you seen the deer yet?"  ;)

I know it is just simple ignorance but still...

Happy Sunday all  : )

D x

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