Keith B

By keibr

Snowstorm - part 2

As promised the snow was falling when we woke up this morning, it's been coming down all day, and is still falling now on Sunday evening.
As we walk to the road, this barn is just across the way and I loved the way the snow has picked out the cross on the door. The low entry on the left was for the previous owner's hunting dog. The hound lived in a pen outside and if he wanted to be inside he pushed aside the door and went into the "kennel".  The present owner keeps her dog in the house.
There have been a lot of traffic warnings in the media and people seem to have responded sensibly. I was out walking on the small roads for maybe 45 minutes and only saw 1 car.
The snow is deep enough now to be giving the roe deer a hard time. They are having to push through the snow, rather than stepping over it, which slows them down a lot. See the extra.
Tomorrow it's going to stop snowing.

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