Keith B

By keibr

Snowstorm - part 1

From about midnight last night until early afternoon today it was snowing hard, and windy. In places the snow drifted deep and in other places it blew itself clear.
Our neighbour, he who removes our snow with his big digger, was out taking the snow off his own roof this morning, not bad for a man who's at least 74 years old!  A little later he was around with his machine and cleared our driveway.
This was particularly good news as we needed to get into town to make a final decision on which wood burner to buy. This we did, and with a bit of luck it will be installed before the month of February is out. I suspect more blips will follow on this subject.
Once we got home there was more snow clearing, a couple of hours of digging before it got dark.  This seems to be a daily activity at the moment and there's more snow on its way.
When we wake up tomorrow morning the next snow storm will already be here, and will go on all day and into Sunday night, maybe another 20 cm or so.
Winter definitely seems to be here - hooray!
(There was quite a bit of snow before this storm, as yesterday's backblip shows.)

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