An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy International Golden Retriever Day...

Let's celebrate International Golden Retriever Day!  :-)

To be fair, every day in our house is Golden Retriever Day!  

This girl has stolen our hearts and is absolutely adored.  From wiggling her eyebrows (yes she has eyebrows :-) to sleeping with her legs in the air, she makes me laugh every single day and snuggling with her is the absolute best.  

In other news, after our eventful day yesterday we've taken it easy today :-))  

We were supposed to have breakfast at Broadslap but the snow came piling down so we abandoned that idea.  By lunchtime the snow had gone so we went there for lunch instead.  First visit of the year as they close for the month of January.  Had a very lovely lunch.

Afterwards we headed to PC World in Perth to get a new cable for the TV.  I wasn't convinced this would fix it but hush my mouth, it did!   All is well again! :-))

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