Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I seemed to run short of time today, as well as inspiration.  Warmer weather (most welcome) meant fewer birds at the feeders, so less choices.  But one species I can just about always count on is the magnificent Northern Cardinal, so even though I've posted one very recently, it's today's choice.  I (rather sloppily) cloned out a distracting branch but otherwise didn't do any more than a crop.  But don't get me started on that very irritating pale band across the middle of the shot - a tree branch back in the woods - argh.  

Had a nice chat with my parents this morning, and then bestie Peg later this afternoon. MIL is here for Sunday dinner so a fair amount of hilarity as she and Hubs engaged in a rousing game of cards with cheating all around.  All in all a good day, although I'm very tired and ready for an early night.  

And only about 40 hours until lift off for Florida - yay!

Cheers, and thank you for stopping by.


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