By rainie

Today is D-Day for Townsville

The tension is mounting.
This morning at 11am the gates automatically opened fully at the Ross River Dam letting out 2000m3 per second, flooding even more properties, Townsville has had more rain in a week than they would experience in a year. Blown all records and currently making records that are not wanted. The monsoonal trough doesn't seem to want to shift! Twenty-one suburbs are flooded with up to two metres of water. 
Our kids have tipped out 1300 millimetres (plus however much over flowed from the gauge) . They returned to their property for a while this morning, and tipped out all their fridge and two freezer foods. Totally poked (in Aidans own words). Hope the insurance covers it, as they had very full freezers. 
Evacuation centres are overflowing, the whole situation is dire and its still raining.
I photographed the TV screen while watching the 1pm news, just after the gates had fully opened....it was all doom.

Tagged this for Mono Monday "tension" - the dam, 178,000 people....I could go on


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