A big smiling face....

......as I'm loading in the sunflowers (9pm) the most beautiful sky is happening.  360 deg of salmon and pinks, gorgeous.

This morning Doug & I went over to a neighbour to photograph his sunflowers.  Past their best, they got hammered by the heat last week, then the following heavy rains. We went really early to get the nice morning light before the sun got too high. There's a couple in extra.  
They have been planted in a paddock away from prying eyes (and photographers), but being neighbours I asked if OK - "of course" was the reply.

For the third day in a row I've blipped a bee, not be design, just happened that way.  This one was standing head and shoulders above the rest.

The party last night was a ripper....like going to a wedding, with formal dining, top shelf booze and wines, great company.  Had some good times with our neighbours.  The speeches were brilliant, with lots of humour.  Frank spoke at length of his life which really was very interesting.  He really is an incredible man, and thanked us all for being part of his life.  We laughed a lot.

Been editing gannets this afternoon.


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