But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

The Pentlands from the Moss Road.

It’s the bee keeping club’s AGM on Tuesday, so the accounts needed auditing. It was a cursory affair with the old auditor who would meticulously tick off every receipt and its associated entry in the ledger; but he always accepted my explanation for any perceived anomaly. He retired at the last AGM pleading old age as his excuse, though we would like to have him continue if only to make him feel appreciated. The new younger model just looked at the figures, noticed that 14 members paying £5 subs did not add up to £90 but was happy when I told him that four members had made a £5 donation in return for some sugar that had been swept off the factory floor and donated to various clubs in the area rather than send it to landfill. He did check the amount in the metaphorical petty cash box, but only when I asked him if he wanted too. It doesn’t really matter, we rely on trust and merely go through the motions; no one is going to complain.
We had had a bit of snow which brought out the contours of the Pentlands nicely, so I stopped on the drive back across Auchencorth Moss for this Blip and filled my shoes with snow at the same time.

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