Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Life in the jungle

A mixed day today with a couple of sharp and very short hailstorms this morning - two or three minutes and they'd gone!
I had a meeting this with the Beaches and Marine Litter Project Officer for Oban, Lorn and the Isles, largely in her role with the GRAB Trust (Group for Recycling in Argyll & Bute). She has a considerable input into the High School eco-group and shares in various classes where they talk about litter, recycling and other related matters. We had a long chat and I realise that in spite of the frequent negativity put about by many people there’s a lot going on at the School in just the way I hoped could be encouraged. They’re already on to it!

On the way home it began to rain quite seriously – I could see it coming over the Isle of Mull – so I nipped into Waterstones bookshop to shelter from the worst of it. Having taken a couple of book pictures in case nothing else came up Blip-wise, I discovered that they had a considerable number of stuffed animals of various species and was unable to resist a bit of rearranging with photographs in mind. Although I was the only customer in the shop I was spotted by the manager, who fortunately I know, so was able to explain the principles of Blipfoto. He seemed rather amused!

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