By Bradders


So I made it! I actually had plenty of time with all my connections. Checked into the hostel in the early hours last night and got straight to the business of sleeping.

Perth seems lovely, the CBD is clean, calm and full of cool cafes and shops. First vibes of Perth are, modern, spacious, relaxed, breezy and warm. I went in today to get a SmartRider card for the Perth Transport system. I hope that I get more chance to visit all of these awesome restaurants and districts.

Lots of construction going on so if geology flops I can always get a construction job.

I extended my stay to two more nights at my hostel as I look for other options in town.

Spent a lot of time on the internet today, working through job forms, emailing, scanning, trying to get Microsoft office to work, applying for police reports... All that fun stuff. Lots of progress today.

***After this post I went for a run, hung out with my hostel mates, spent about 3-4 hours on the phone to friends and family, tried to buy alcohol but needed my passport, went to a cool bar for free and got three free drinks and danced until 1am

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