By Bradders


I am not accustomed to alcohol, so I definitely had a little groggy feeling this morning. That was soon sorted as I went to my free trial at the boxing/circuit gym down the road. Fun way to keep fit, and the lady might have a job for me! I was invited to another free session tomorrow.

After that I went into town, but again I forgot my passport, so I couldn't get the forms sorted, they didn't accept my documentation. A job for tomorrow I think.

For the rest of the day I chilled out by the pool at my hostel, the longer I stay here the more I like it. Next week I go to a new hostel down the coast in Freemantle. After that, maybe I'll try one in the CBD.

It's been a hot day today, or maybe just more humid... 33°C again.

This hostel provides breakfast (and lunch if you are cheeky and steal toast provisions) and then serves dinner for $5 (~£2.70) each day I'm paying $24 (~£13) absolute bargain.

Tonight the guys are going to another party, this time to a big nightclub. I think I'll join them, but I'll make sure I'm functional tomorrow to sort more stuff out for the job hunt.

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