Under attack

At least my plants appear to be under attack by these little beasties. Larvae of some sort of weevil, I think (with a little help from Google), possibly the vine weevil which, apparently, are especial partial to plants in containers.

In an attempt to escape the MESS for a bit longer, I decided to work in the 'yard for a couple of hours after yoga. Started to remove some dead leaves from a Tiarella plant, and the whole plant fell off the top of the pot. It had no roots! Further investigation revealed hundreds of these pesky little blighters in the soil. The other Tiarella plant was just the same. All the other plants look reasonable healthy, so hoping that nothing else has been affected.

MrM went to a music session this evening, so I took the opportunity to watch two episodes of 'Killing Eve' in his absence. 
Note to self - not a good idea to knit when watching a thriller...

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