Tenor guitar

Singing in the morning and, in the afternoon, a challenge. "Take some photos of the tenor guitar for the website today", said MrM - it needs to be sent to its new owner tomorrow. Hmmm, cloths I usually use as background are hidden away somewhere at the back of a cupboard. The only room available is far from ideal in terms of available space. Not particularly happy with any of the resulting photos but, hey ho, just this once they'll have to do! This one was taken on the window sill...

MrM's niece and her boyfriend arrived in Alnwick this evening, so we drove down to Alnwick to pick them up and bring them back to their accommodation in Wooler - a "camping pod". It's a wooden shell, really, a step up from a tent. They're planning to explore the area and do some hillwalking over the weekend.

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