By flavia13


Hello all, after taking pills just twice hubby's leg is much less painful.  He has to take them  for 3 days and then just as, when and if he needs them.  Just hope it's the same when he's stopped his 3 days of pills!!!

Stayed in though because we didn't want to risk inflaming his leg even. Caught up on some photography projects.  One of them is to produce a photograph once a week on a given theme.  This week's theme was vintage. Well apart from taking a photo of myself and Hubby I thought what could I do at home that is acceptable.

My pocket watch, pearls and Victorian Chocolate Pot came to mind.  So I put them together and decided a close up version of the watch worked best.  I've even tried to make the photo have vintage colours courtesy of light room and a vignette to boot.  Hope it works, what do you think??

Hope you've all had a good day.

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