By flavia13


I was hoping to go to Elterwater today for a walk but hubby has been suffering with a very painful top of leg for several days now.  After much nagging (umm I mean encouragement) he used the new GP App service at our surgery to send an e-mail and ask them what he could take for it as Paracetamol and Iburoprofen don't work.  They said they would need to see him first, thought it sounded muscular.  Anyway they got him an appointment at 3.00 pm TODAY.  Amazing.  It is apparently a muscular so they have given him some medication, which we hope helps and some gentle exercises to do.  Apparently it's best to keep moving, but he can't go up or down hill easily so my walks are out until he is better.  We can though walk along Grange Prom is that is a mile long and flat.

As to my blip - you may remember my comments on it from a Tiny Tuesday a couple of weeks as it can be seen from my house, albeit very tiny.  This is it in its larger form.

The Ashton Memorial is a folly in Williamson ParkLancaster, and was built between 1907 and 1909 by the millionaire industrialist Lord Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy.  My entry for 29th Jan tells you a bit more about it. Don't know how to link on this here thingumijig yet - must learn.

From the top of the memorial you get great views across Morecambe and Lancaster and over the Bay.  Sadly you could only just make out Grange in mist this morning, but I phoned hubby whilst up there and gave him a wave!!!!!

Now off to look at your entries.  Hope you've had a good day.  "See" you all tomorrow;

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