Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

Reflections in puddles

Not much to report today. It rained all morning so I stayed indoors.  Luckily my dentists appointment was this afternoon - and by the time I left the house the rain had stopped.  It was cold though so I got well wrapped up.

The appointment was just for a check up and to see the hygienist.  No problems were found.  Next I popped to the chemist for my repeat prescription.

Just near the chemists were lots of large puddles so I decided to take a shot to see if I could process it for Abstract Thursday.  I spent time on Picasa using different effects - took me a while to decide which I liked best.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

One other thing to mention ..... Becky went for a job interview today.  She was offered the job on the spot.  Good news for her as she has been without a job for a month.  She wanted part time but this is full time - she's fine with that.  Where she worked before wasn't on a bus route and it took her over an hour to walk there.  Her new job is 10 mins away.  So its all good.  Next thing is for her to enjoy the job - she starts on Monday.

Also job related - Neil had a really quiet day. Horse racing is cancelled due to the equine flu outbreak so of course there were no customers wanting to put bets on.  And there will be no racing for the next 6 days.  Its going to be a long boring six days for him I think.

Steps today - 7,251

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