Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Music Wall

So here I am in Wolverhampton. Took a walk around the city centre this evening, just to get my bearings (the main city centre is completely encircled by a ring road, so one can't get too lost as long as one stays inside that circle). Not too much to see in the dark, but hoping for better in the daylight tomorrow.

Came across this 'music wall' featuring some of Wolverhampton's finest - The Pretty Things, Beverley Knight, Cornershop, Liam Payne (of One Direction), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and, of course, Slade.

Each 'record' on the wall has a QR code which, when one scans it on their phone, downloads a link to play the relevant track. At least, that's what it says on the nearby information poster. I didn't give it a try, even for research purposes!

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