Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


I got to bed really late last night, or rather, this morning. Glad to wake at a decent hour though for a Saturday. We'd set a plan for the day with my cousin, but it changed and at her request, I took her to visit my Dad's grave. Prior to that, we dropped G off to have lunch with some ex-colleagues The venue was in a "new" development - Discovery Gardens. It's been around maybe ten years, but it's the first time ever that I saw it today. I shall refrain from commenting on the location, the road network and the distinct lack of signage. I'll record that quite a lot of some was wasted lost getting from and to this place!

Time was fast running out, so we came home. Niwah lived on this street, in fact, when the family left to Canada in 1995, G & me moved into their flat! She enjoyed getting reacquainted to her childhood neighbourhood but found it quite overwhelming - all the memories that came flooding back

We dropped them off to their hotel via a retro drive through Karama Shopping Centre, then past her old school, the newly redeveloped Creek, and finally, Bur Dubai souk. Phew!

We noticed that something was happening for Chinese New Year at Al Seef, so we went back there (see my extra), and then, as we had driven through Business Bay, we went back to check out the CNY decorations there.

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