Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


A very nice relaxed day where G announced she had to bake 48 cupcakes to take to the AWANA fun day tomorrow, so, we drove out to check out the last hour of the car boot sale and buy one last ingredient for her bake-off.

A few hours vanished when I tried to find a way to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Pyeong Chang Winter Games Live. It was too much to ask for. It didn't happen. Too many connectivity issues between TV, VPN, laptop, screen mirroring, the list goes on. Definitely disappointed.

I did finally get to watch Apollo 13, only 22 years after it was first released! And another first today - I ordered a home delivery by Deliveroo!!! LOVE that name since they first started operations in Dubai. We very rarely have food delivered - too much hassle trying to explain our location. It's slightly easier now that we have a few shops at ground level, but even that is a challenge for some.

I had an interesting chat with a gentleman in Hong Kong about registering a business there - just making enquiries after reading several articles on the internet about how favourable HK are to internet start-ups at a fraction of the cost, compared to Dubai!

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