Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Nice leisurely Friday morning. As a fellow blipper has said in her journal, the house accidentally got cleaned. G was looking for a lost earring behind a unit, and before you know it, the sofa had been pulled forward and she was calling out for the hoover and dettol etc. etc. etc. A few associated things got cleaned as well.

And then, it was the two hours of ironing for next week. I wanted to get all the chores out of the way to free up the weekend. My cousin Niwah is heading back to Canada after visiting family in Lahore and is stopping in Dubai for a couple of days. She grew up here, left in 1995 and hasn't been back since.

A family dinner was organised in our favourite restaurant. Later, a few of us went to the Last Exit to show Niwah a bit of the "new" Dubai. I don't think she can really get her head around all the change that has happened since she left. It will look even more startling tomorrow when she sees it in daylight.

My picture is significant for me because these are my cousins from my father's side. His was a family of five siblings, and in this picture, there is one offspring of all but one of the siblings. It's cool as we are all so spread out now it's almost impossible to get us all in the same place.

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