Travel Pass

I watched him chatting her up while they were waiting for the bus. Now it's just pulling up and who knows where things might go. Her bag for life has lasted at least since Christmas - must be almost a record.

I was hoping to go to the RGS tonight to hear Michael Palin present his talk on Erebus - the doomed expedition to find the North West Passage. MP has just published a book about it. Because of demand you had to enter a ballot, but I forgot the deadline, even though I advised a fellow member to apply. And now it's a full house so I am out in the cold. Doh. 

I've heard Michael Palin speak before at the RGS and he is really good. Very relaxed, avuncular and witty. Just like he appears on the telly.

Oh, this is the first Blip posted from my new office corner. I've made my way up to the loft room to give space in the spacious room below for the installation of a cot for visiting babies. I know my place.

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