Blippin' 'Eck - 6 years!

It seems that today marks 6 years of me doing Blip. I never thought I would. So here are 6 of us raising 6 mugs of tea as a toast. With baked beans and tomatoes on it.

I looked back the other day and see that there are some gaps where I got frustrated and decided not to bother. But then cold turkey set in and I had to come back. I think I have been posting every day now for at least the last two years. It's such a great way of keeping a brief visual diary of what you did each day. It's a shame that you can't print them off. Although someone said there is a way of doing a screen grab. But that would entail printing off over 2000 sheets and I'm not sure I can face that. Perhaps it might be worth having a try at just last year.

Thanks for being such good chums. I wish my photography was more creative. But that's my own fault for being too lazy. I like snapping people and usually try and include them in my pictures. I'll keep plugging on and see where I get to next. 

Arts Society tonight. A talk on Picture Frames - should be interesting.

Thanks so much for all your comments and stuff.  Like the sign off n Strictly Come Dancing...

....keeee-eee-eeep Bliiiiipping!

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