By PaulShelley

The Ironmonger of Mogan

Or perhaps he should call himself the IronMoganer. Whatever, emboldened by the power of the E bike I took a detour through the centre of Mogan village up a steep side road. Up till now I have always kept to the main road through.

As I was nosing around I spotted this shop with a cornucopia of stuff hanging up inside. What do you need - a bike tyre, a satellite dish or a saucepan lid? No probs, he's got all of those. In fact he seems to have several of everything you might need, although only one religious picture.

I have been staring at this photo for ages picking out all the things he has in stock and needs to put on display. And how cool are those old school scales for weighing the nails? As one of my chums would say, "he's got a cochel of everything." 

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