Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Tower in the clouds

During my blip sabbatical last year, I got out of the habit of lugging a heavy camera round with me on Gus's morning walk over the Knott. These last few months, it's been too dark to bother. But there's no work on a Monday, I get up half an hour later, and it's light all the way now. Bad news for Gus is that it means occasional and sometimes prolonged stops to take photographs of the morning mist.

Here was the pele tower at Arnside Tower farm enveloped in a combination of mist and smoke from the farm's chimney. The sound of chacking far below was from the jackdaws in the trees. The mist drifts away quickly and this phenomenon never seems to last long. The tower is a little more tumbledown every year, it does need some restorative attention, but who would pay for it?

This was the prelude to a beautiful day that had a touch of Spring about it. In the afternoon I went for a needlework session to help restore my ebbing energy, I came home covered in tiny perforations, and ready for the next three days of nose to the grindstone.

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