By PicturePoems

Motorway Alert

Report of Animals on the M1.
Descriptions vague - we can't be sure -
All of one sort? Or maybe more?

Were they straying or racing?
Away or facing?
Were they domestic -
cows, sheep, dogs?
Or escaped from a zoo,
more roar than moo?
And who reported them?
Was it you?

They're certainly naughty,
when all's said and done,
so slow down to 40
on the M1.

© Celia Warren 2019

And did we spot any?
No. Not one.

On the return leg of our journey it was great to catch up with friends en route and we're now overnighting with Mr PP's sister in Somerset. Been so lucky with the weather and no hold-ups on any of our journeys. Home tomorrow, all being well.

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