Britannia Royal Naval College

... or Dartmouth Royal Naval College, as it's often called. Snapped it from the Kingswear side of the River Dart as we waited for the Lower Ferry to Dartmouth at the end of a long day out in sunshine, hail and, of course, wind. (The Higher Ferry that we usually use is out of action at present for its annual maintenance.)

It was good to get out and about after 48 hours stuck indoors, even if the prime purpose of our trip was for my eye appointment at Torbay hospital. We did some shopping in Torquay, had a (vegan) sausage roll and coffee in Greggs, and then had fish'n'chips at Sainsbugs. Mr PP did a Lidl grocery shop while I attended the eye clinic, which all worked out very nicely. Drove home in sunshine, but now it's dark and we're back listening to gathering gales. Have to return for repeat tests in two months as the peripheral vision in my right eye is slightly worse, but meanwhile I've to carry on with my current daily eyedrops.

Too tired and bleary-eyed for table tennis tonight, so need to choose what to watch from our recorded progs. Something light - with the sound turned up to blot out the wind!

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