To pinch something means to steal or take something without asking. It usually means something of little value. 

The Mono Monday theme word today is PINCH so I decided on  the above meaning for my blip. In my photo you can see a knife stamped with the letters G.N.E R. (  Great North Eastern Railway ). A knife which was pinched. 

There is a story that goes along with the knife which involves my late husband Douglas and Ian " Beefy " Botham - the England cricketer.  Douglas worked in Newcastle but a few times a year he went to London to run training courses. He travelled there and back on the train - in First Class.

In those days there was a dining car for first class passengers and one evening on the journey home he was sat opposite " Beefy " Botham - he recognised him immediately.  The other two people on the table didn't have a clue who he was.  The staff however were well aware of who they were dealing with as Douglas got the impression he was a regular traveller.  And the staff were extra caerfeul not to do anthyuing wrong - I think " Beefy " had a reputation for having a bit of a temper.

During the meal " Beefy"  enquired about the tie Douglas was wearing.  It was a commemorative tie for a rugby match.  But the match had actually been cancelled and instead of just binning the ties the company had sold them but had stamped the word " cancelled " across them. ( I have the tie - somewhere.  That's the story of my life.  Lots of things are " somewhere ! ) So this tie became a talking point during the meal.   I'm not exactly sure how it happened but Douglas ended up with the knife " Beefy " had used during his meal - and here it is being blipped.

I must make the point that Douglas - an ex policeman - was not in the habit of pinching things but I guess if he was given it by " Beefy " then he thought it would be OK.  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting the Mono Monday challenge.

Usual Monday for me,  Fitness Class.  Shopping in the village. Slimming Group.  Lost a precious half pound this week.  Not much but at least its a loss.

Weather today was dry and very sunny - but cold.

Listened to the match on the radio this evening.  Newcastle were away at Wolves.  At full time the score was Wolves 0 Newcastle 1.  But there were 4 mins of Extra Time.  And  then Wolves scored. Final score 1 - 1.   I was fuming.  So nearly a win and 3 points.  Typical of Newcastle to let a goal in during Extra Time.

Steps today - 14,193

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