I know it’s Tiny Tuesday, but my pretty orchid flowers will last a lot longer than these droopy tulips so I can take part in that challenge next week.

These are some of the tulips that Mr. HCB bought for me on my homecoming last week and I brought these into the lounge, where it is quite warm, and although they have plenty of water, they are drooping in the vase, so I may have to cut off the stems and put them into a much smaller vase.  However, I quite liked them like this, hence using them for my Blip today and this is just cropped with nothing else done to them.

The sun has peeped through once or twice, but on the whole it has been a grey and dull day, so at least these are a cheery colour and brightened my day.

It’s back to the Swindon 105.5 Radio Station tomorrow for “Girls About Town” so better start thinking about what I will be saying about last week - just hope I don’t drop off to sleep during the programme - I still feel very relaxed and don’t feel inclined to do very much at all.

I did go out and buy some more wool today - the fingerless gloves knit up so quickly, and I have enjoyed doing some knitting again - Shetland starts a new series this evening on TV so I will be able to knit whilst watching that and someone may find a pair of fingerless gloves in their postbox sometime soon!

I found this quote about knitting and it’s here for a special Blip friend, NellieD - because I know if no-one else appreciates it, she will!

“There is practically no activity 
     that cannot be enhanced 
          or replaced by knitting, 
               if you really want 
                    to get obsessive about it.” 
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee : 
At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

P.S.  If you are interested, here is a link to the pattern for the fingerless gloves I blipped yesterday.

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