…..that if it’s Wednesday, then it must be Girls About Town - slightly different line-up today though.  We had the Station Manager, Shirley “running the desk” and I must admit she makes it look so easy, but I guess that once you know what you’re doing, anything looks easy!  I remember when I was about 8 years old going to call for an older friend and watching her typing - I thought it looked really hard, but now that I can type myself, it’s easy-peasy - and is the only thing I can do computer-wise that has impressed my two sons!

Then we have Clare, on Shirley’s left, who was back from her future daughter-in-law’s “hen do” in London.  They were away for the weekend and it sounded as if they had a whale of a time and thankfully managed to get back to Swindon on the train because Storm Ciara did rather play havoc with the trains.  

"Yours truly" is on Shirley’s right with my new haircut - I got fed up with growing my hair, so decided when our hairdresser came yesterday to have it all lopped off and I am really pleased with it.

We had a great first hour and then the gremlins set in for the second hour, when Nichola arrived to “run the desk” but we were assured it was nothing to do with us so that’s a relief.  However, it meant there was a lot of angst, swearing and gnashing of teeth, but hopefully, the Tech Team will have sorted it out by now.

“You may not control
     all of the events that happen to you,
but you can decide
     not to be reduced by them.”
Maya Angelou

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