An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Ochil Hills...

From the hillfoots.

Carole arrived at 10.00am to give Lola a trim and a pedicure.  Lola was very pleased to see her!  Carole worked her magic and got her calm and onto her trimming table and she emerged half an hour later all trimmed and looking amazing.

My hairdresser Linda was supposed to come at 10.30am to cut my hair but her little girl is ill so she had to postpone.  That let me catch up with Carole over a bacon roll and a cuppa.

R, the dog walker, arrived at 1pm to take Lola for a walk.  It was raining by then so we knew her newly trimmed and brushed coat would be a complete mess by the time she returned.  Oh well, having fun is more important than staying pristine :-))

Carole recommended one of these so David went onto Dixie Doodles' website and ordered one on click and collect.  

Carole left ours to head to my friend Janice's house to trim Lola's brother Ted, and we grabbed some lunch before heading to Dixie Doodles to pick up the Mud Daddy and other toys that D had sneakily ordered for Lola) before heading home via the Hillfoots and Glendevon.   

The weather was a mixture of sunshine and storm clouds, which made for some drama on the hills.

Now about to do online Tesco (other supermarkets are available ;-) order and having the usual weekly struggle to come up with different ideas for lunch and dinner.  

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