An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Monday moor walk...

No other dogs were encountered on Lola's walk today but she still had a great time.

I am blipping early today.  Infact I think this is the earliest I've blipped in a long time. When I worked and looked after Alan my blip was always done and dusted by 4pm at the latest, supporting the saying "if you want something done ask a busy person."

I am busy today - nothing exciting, just transferring photos off my lap top and onto the hard drive, as my laptop has run out of space again! - so whilst doing that I thought I'd multitask and upload my blip at the same time (I am also drinking coffee and taking a note of a halloumi burger recipe that I hope to make on Thursday night when Agnes and Adrian are here so mega-multitasking ;-))

I took a photo of David multitasking too - see extra.  That golden girl has become an extension of his arm.  It made me laugh :-))

Oh and the volume control on Alan's telly is taking the p*ss being a bit temperamental and THIS is blaring out at about 200 decibels for the umpteenth time.  MY temper is about to go mental!

It's only Monday but I need a stiff gin lie down in a dark room!!!!

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