simple moments

By simplemoments

say it...

...with pink

it doesn't take much - these days - for me to feel like - i'm going to fall over the edge - i know the boo experiences it as well - the other day as i was unpacking - some little trinkets i found myself - in tears over them - because i couldn't get the rust out - rust caused by the water damage - water which seeped into everything i owned - in a matter of minutes - leaving behind destruction and devastation - something one can never prepare for

but here's the thing - as i found myself weeping - i also recognized these are just things - they have no earthly value to me - no eternal value either - in the long run - things can be replaced - i need to live for eternity - yet i also need to allow myself - room to grieve for the loss - of those things i did lose - and know it's okay to have the feelings i do

this has been a difficult journey - as much as i continue - to struggle, i am concerned about the boo - and the lingering impact it's having - on her little butterscotch body - but as long as we have a bit - of pink to enjoy - i know it will eventually lead us to...


happy day.....

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