A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


These buttons are genuinely Vintage and I’ve had them for quite along time.
Someone once said to me, .. don’t you normally buy the buttons after knitting the garment. Well the answer is no, not if you spot the right buttons.

My daughter wore a jumper I had knit for her a few years ago for Eda’s baptism last December. A church friend asked if she could borrow the pattern. Grace was certain it was in a Vintage pattern book but I couldn’t find it. Looked in all my patterns again but no joy.

I decided to look in my wool ‘to do’ box, as opposed to my wool ‘finished’ box where all the left over odds and ends go.
I found the pattern but also found some lovely unused baby alpaca and the pattern I bought it for. It’s a lovely plum colour
and I think these Vintage buttons are going to go with it just fine!

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