By ArcLight


Epoca is a #leithwalkshop for vintage goods. Not the only one. I was lucky to catch it this evening, as whilst I was fumbling with my camera a man came out of the shop, and - just as I snapped the camera shutter - started to close the shutters on the shop. I thought it looked very colourful after dark.

The rest of the day was just usual. Work, spinning class, a modicum of walking, a chat with the former PT who I met on Jane Street, and a chat with the doctor who confirmed that I don't have arthritis in my foot. It's therefore the great unknown what causes me this problem. Perhaps Morton's Neuroma? Well, I have a podiatry appointment in early March, so let's see if that takes us any further forward. Meanwhile, I'm managing it quite well and it doesn't constrain my activities too much, although I'm less of a walk-enthusiast than I was a year ago.

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