Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Bus stop church

No, the church isn't a bus stop. That's just me being silly. But there is a bus stop just beside where I was standing waiting for the about-to-be-discontinued McGills 907 bus to Dunoon, and I was passing the time by imagining I'd just come off a cruise ship and was taking in the surroundings of a new and possibly exotic port. Greenock's Ocean Terminal never seems to me to be quite as exciting as it perhaps ought to be, but when I think of the places I've been even in my limited experience of cruising I have to admit they weren't exotic in the slightest. The decaying concrete of the old river terminal building in Moscow, the passing trams of St Petersburg - maybe a yard full of containers and this apparently rather fine Roman Catholic church are just what one might expect ...

I'd been having my hair done nearby, and this is where I always catch the bus afterwards. There aren't many buses, so I get my lovely hairdresser to time my departure so that I don't have to stand too long on the windy corner with the cars scudding past. Soon there will be even fewer buses; today I was lucky enough to get the one that goes all the way to Dunoon on the ferry; soon I shall have to get the Largs bus and wait on foot till a ferry appears. 

You can see why I have to make up silly games to play. One day I shall have a look inside the church - I believe it's rather fine. But for today I was just pretending.

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