By wrperry

Redhead Ducks (plus Tiny Tuesday results)

It gets kind of tough to find wildlife subjects around here at this time of year so I like to go to a local lake to look for ducks.  We don't see Redhead Ducks very often, especially close enough to get a clear shot, so I was happy to run into them today.  Plus, their color seemed fitting to post as my Valentine's Day blip.

I had the opportunity to open up all of the Tiny Tuesday entries, leave a star, and .... difficult as it is, choose favorites. I'm not a particularly decisive person, which really irritates my family members, but I did my best and got the job done.  It was as difficult as ever.  There were some really impressive images.  So here goes, in no particular order:

TT hearts went to:

DawnP - who's focus stacking paid off with a creative image of salt and pepper (who knew pepper was so interesting?)
Jeanneb53 - for a super sharp image of a crocus stamen
howesruth - for a tiny ladybird with an even tinier aphid
Hanneke3 - for capturing a little world of light
JohnRH - for trying out a new tripod and ending up with a super crisp image

Honorable Mentions:


Thank you so much to all who participated in the challenge this week.  I was amazed by the variety of subjects and the quality of the images.  Next week there is no specific theme and the tag is TT195.

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