By Missycat

AbstractThursday190 Water

This morning we woke to clear skies and the inevitable frosty car windows that go with them  at this time of year.  Before I left to take Violet to her before school childminder, mindful of Ingeborg's theme of  Water this week, I actually took a few phone pics of the bonnet of my car, as the ice melted.  It occurs to me that only a blipper would go to such ridiculous lengths!
After Slimming World (2.5 lbs lost, yay!) I took take some camera shots of St John's pond, which finally has started to fill after such a dry summer and also some phone shots of water running down the plug hole of my sink, as you do.  I faffed greatly with all images, using PS Elements and Picasa and eventually decided that my favourite was the car bonnet, distorted to look rather like a waterfall.  The other two, I've added as extras.

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