Little Miss Netballer

God forbid a day doesn't go by without a call from one or other of the Little Misses' schools! 
Today was no exception. Sigh!!
I brought Archie to work with me this morning and my dad kindly came to pick him up before I went in. Then after work I went to my mum's - we'd planned to take the dogs to the woods. We haven't been for months and I was really looking forward to it. 
Rather than head straight out for our walk, mum and I had tea and chatted about holidays. Ones we've been on, are going on and would like to go on!!
We were not in any particular hurry to go out.
Eventually we put on our walking boots, loaded the dogs into the car and set off. We weren't five hundred yards down the road before my phone rang. Guess who? Miss E asking was I coming to watch her netball match this afternoon. At 2.15pm.
This was just before 1pm.
First of all I said I couldn't, then I realised you can't get these things back and said of course I would go.
My mum turned round and we took the dogs for a quick half hour round the field rather than the promised couple of hours in the woods. They were a bit miffed when it was time to get back in the car.
I dropped Archie off at home, picked up Mr K and we headed for the match.
It was so worth it!!!!!! The best match I've ever seen Miss E involved in!  They played brilliantly, enjoyed themselves, showed great teamwork and camaraderie, it was sunny and they thrashed the opposition 14-1.  Miss E scored several of the goals. Whoop whoop!!!!!

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